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Dr. Srinivasa Lingireddy

Dr. Srinivasa Lingireddy has held the position of associate professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky and has over 20 years of experience in pipe network modeling and is extensively published in this and other related areas.

Non-Reopening Check Valves

What is a non-reopening check valve? This element is a modeling convention, as opposed to an item that can be ordered from a manufacturer, because by definition a check valve is designed to open and close in response to flow and pressure conditions. The way Pipe2016 models an “ordinary” check valve is by allowing it to open when the differential …

Dynamic Characteristics of Check Valves

Improper sizing of check valves results in check valve slam, a phenomenon that produces undue increase in pressure head due rapid decrease in reverse flow velocity associated with check valve closure. Check valves are placed in pipe systems to prevent flow reversal. However, most check valves require a finite time to activate after sensing flow reversal and the flow could …