CAD Profiles Tool

Figure 1. Sample profile plot for a long transmission main showing longitudinal section of pipeline, steady state hydraulic gradeline, hydraulic gradelines representing maximum and minimum pressures during a transient simulation, a line representing cavitation limits along the pipeline profile.

The CAD Profile tool generates profile plots (Figure 1) for long transmission mains in CAD format. The tool comes with a number of user controls (Figure 2) and generates various entities of the profile to different CAD layers allowing users to print only the desired layers. Various components of long transmission mains including the surge protection devices such as surge tanks, relief valves and air valves are shown on the longitudinal section of pipeline (Figure 3). These comprehensive CAD drawings, generated just by a few key strokes within Pipe2016 & Pipe2018 GUI, significantly reduce the time needed for preparing construction drawings and more importantly eliminate the chances of errors in preparing those drawings.
This tool is only available in TranSurge and KYPipe Premium Package.
Long Transmission Mains
User Controls
Figure 2 – User Controls
Close Up View
Figure 3. Close up view of pipeline profile near pump station.
Close Up of Data
Figure 4. Close up view of pipeline data table printed right below profile plot.
Sample Legend
Figure 5. Sample Legend