Modeling Campus Pipe Distribution Systems Using Pipe2018


Pipe2018 has unique capabilities to model facilities piping systems. This provides a powerful modeling platform for all the various distribution systems which may be part of a campus or industrial facility physical plant. The following distribution systems can be modeled and analyzed using Pipe2018:
  1. Potable Water Distribution Systems (including fire hydrants).
  2. Chilled Water Supply & Return Systems.
  3. Hot Water Distribution Systems.
  4. Gas Distribution Systems (natural gas, air or any gas).
  5. Saturated or Superheated Steam Distribution Systems.
Pipe2018 employs the same easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) which means that once a user becomes familiar with the GUI they can utilize the full range of the Pipe2018 capabilities. The user merely selects the appropriate module from the following Pipe2018 menu:
Pipe2000 Engine Drop Down Menu
Pipe2018 Module Selection Menu
The first five types of models listed use the powerful Pipe2018: KYPipe engine which analyzes all kinds of liquid distribution systems. The Pipe2018: Steam engine is used for saturated and superheated steam distribution and the Pipe2018: Gas engine handles all gas distribution systems. In addition a transient liquid flow module, Pipe2018: Surge, can perform a pressure surge analysis on any liquid flow system. This adds an extremely important capability to this comprehensive package of distribution system modeling software.
Using a Scaled Campus Map, the Following is a Simple Example of a Campus Chilled Water Distribution System
Potable Water System with Scaled Campus Map
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