Campus Facilities Pipe Distribution Modeling Using Pipe2000 (Forerunner of Pipe2016)

Pipe2000 has unique capabilities to model facilities piping systems. This provides a powerful modeling platform for all the various distribution systems which may be part of a campus or industrial facility physical plant.
Pipe2000 employs the same easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) which means that once a user becomes familiar with the GUI they can utilize the full range of the Pipe2000 capabilities. The user merely selects the appropriate module from the Pipe2000 menu. The following distribution system can be modeled and analyzed using Pipe2000.

  1. Potable Water Distribution System (including fire hydrants)
  2. Chilled Water Supply & Return Systems
  3. Hot Water Distribution Systems
  4. Gas Distribution Systems (natural gas, air or any gas)
  5. Saturated or Superheated Steam Distribution Systems
Folks have been using the unique Pipe2000 range of capabilities to model Campus Pipe Distribution Facilities for a number of years. Our support staff is very familiar with these applications and can provide expert technical assistance. Below is some user input related to this very important activity.
A Very Successful Pipe2000 Project
Success Story
What A Knowledgeable User Says:
I.C. Thomasson Assoc. Inc. has used KYPipe or Pipe2000 for hydraulic analysis of the chilled water distribution systems on numerous projects including the following:

  • Tennessee Tech University
  • University of Memphis
  • Western Kentucky University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Nashville Thermal Transfer Corporation
  • Samford University
  • Middle Tennessee University
  • East Tennsessee State University

All of these large distribution systems serving a central plant with multiple buildings connected. The model has been used to study constant flow systems and variable flow systems with pumping arrangements including primary/secondary and distributed pumping. Pipe2000 has been flexible enough to allow me to model pumps in a number of different ways. Technical support has always been excellent. The latest versions of the program have such improved graphics for easy data input that I can model an entire system in a very short time.

Burkley M. Allen, P.E., I.C. Thomasson Assoc., Inc.

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