Google Earth Import and Export


The Google Earth Import and Export features are available in the professional and premium packages. This feature is only available in the KYnetic interface.

Google Earth Export

Google Earth Export Settings

Google Earth Export Settings

Pipe Color and Thickness The options are to use the color which is the default for Google Earth, or to export colors which are currently being used in the Pipe program.

Contour In addition to the settings in the Google Earth Export menu, the Contour and View menus may be launched from within the utility.

Original Model

Original Model

Exported Model to Google Earth

Export to Google Earth

Google Earth Import

A KMZ File with embedded KML may be imported to build a P2K model file.

Attributes from the KMZ and KML files may be matched with data attributes in the model. For example, if pipe diameter is associated with the Google Earth file, it may be matched with Diameter data in the Pipe program.