Premium Features

The Premium Version of KYPipe includes all of the features of the Basic, Standard, and Professional versions plus several exclusive features.

Basic Version – This includes the entire range of elements including new elements such as vacuum breakers, combined pump-tank element, blowoff hydrants, etc. You can run multiple regular simulations or Extended Period Simulations (EPS). Advanced pump station modeling (multiple and/or VFD pumps) with multiple pump curves and system curves. This modeling program provides all the capabilities normally required by a hydraulic pipeline design engineer.

Standard Version – This version includes all of the above plus advanced features for modeling water utilities.  Powerful capabilities for fire hydrants include automatic fire flow calculations at either hydrants or junctions, flushing calculations and hydrant blowoff calculations. Water Quality Analysis is carried out seamlessly using the powerful EPANET Water Quality module. A Genetic Algorithm-optimized calibration is included, the first and most tested module of its type (Note: this module is priced at $4000 by our leading competitor). Our unique Constraint capability provides the capability to directly perform many complex design and operation calculations, saving hours. Rural water systems design using peak demand/connection curves for sizing pipes and analyzing pressures is another unique Pipe2018 feature.

Professional Version – This version includes all of the above plus additional data exchange tools for interfacing with AutoCAD and ArcGIS software. With these tools you can import and export files and exchange data with these standard applications.  Read more.

Premium Version – This version includes all of the above plus some very specialized capabilities. This includes a Genetic Algorithm Water Quality Calibration, and a powerful Skeletonization module which preserves system demand while eliminating pipes from the model (Note: these modules, if available, cost thousands of dollars from our competitors). Also includes Branch Diameter Analysis and Temperature-Dependent Analysis, a unique Pipe2018: KYPipe feature which accounts for density and viscosity variations in liquids such as hot water distribution systems.  Last, the CAD Profiles feature allows exporting a long transmission main to AutoCAD DXF format.

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