KYPipe & Surge Self Paced Training Course

KYPipe offers self-paced training courses for Pipe2016:KYPipe and Pipe2016:Surge Modeling.  The training materials and format are very similar to that used in the KYPipe and Surge Pipe2016 training seminars.  The courses are narrated by Dr. Don Wood, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky and founder of KYPipe.  These courses are designed to provide a deeper understanding of hydraulic modeling.  You will learn how to utilize advanced tools and apply best practices, analyze flows and pressures when building hydraulic distribution systems with the KYPipe and Surge software. This self-paced dual training course can be taken independently and without time limitations. You may complete the courses anywhere, at any time and at your own pace.

Pipe2016:KYPipe course materials include a 50-pipe evaluation version of the KYPipe software.  Pipe2016:Surge course materials include a 50-pipe evaluation version of the Surge software. Materials for both courses include numerous examples within a comprehensive Examples Manual that includes detailed notes. Users can contact Technical Support for assistance with course lessons.  The courses may be viewed for free, but with purchase, each course offers 1 CEU or 8 PDHs.  Certification will be awarded upon successful completion of the final exam.

Download and view the course for free!  The four links below contain the entire course.  Download and unzip SPT 1 and read the instructions contained in the zip file.


Each certificate is purchased individually.  See pricing below.

Consider The Advantages
Review As Many Times As You Would Like!
Attend Anytime, Anywhere, No Time Limitations
Plug & Play  – No Installation Required
Zero Travel Expense
Certification Credits
Course Outline
Pipe2016:KYPipe Modeling
 Pipe2016:Surge Modeling
Basic Hydraulic Modeling Transient Hydraulic Modeling
Introduction to Modeling
Using Pipe2016 GUI
Geo Pipe System Layout
Backgrounds, Maps & Grids
Steady State & Surge Analysis
Extended Period Simulations
Network Data
Causes of Pressure Surges
Pressure Surge Complications
Data Requirements
Method of Calculation Comparison
Surge Control Devices & Sizing
Pump Inertia & Wave Speed
Case Studies
Course Pricing
Pipe2016:KYPipe Pipe2016:Surge Pipe2016:Bundle
1 CEU or 8 PDH 1 CEU or 8 PDH 2 CEU or 16 PDH
$50.00 per certification $50.00 per certification $100 for both certifications

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