Pipe2016 Training Course Schedule

Day One: KYPipe Day Two: KYPipe Day Three: Surge
Basic Hydraulic Modeling Advanced Hydraulic Modeling Transient Hydraulic Modeling
Introduction to Modeling
Using Pipe2016 GUI
Pipe System Layout
Backgrounds, Maps & Grids
Steady State & Surge Analysis
Extended Period Simulations
Network Data  Read more
Reports, Tables, Plots, & Profiles
Pipe2016 Special Features
Fire Flows and Flushing
Reports, Tables, Plots, & Profiles
Hydrotank Modeling
Pipe Model Calibration
Water Quality  Read more
Causes of Pressure Surges
Pressure Surge Complications
Data Requirements
Method of Calculation Comparison
Surge Control Devices & Sizing
Pump Inertia & Wave Speed
Case Studies  Read more

Upcoming Training

Barcelona, Spain

Pipe2016: Surge & TranSurge Course Details:

Modeling water networks allow simulate different scenarios where extreme pressures can occur due to different causes such as pump trip, startup and shutdown, a sudden change in demand, opening and closing hydrants and valves, to get the facility answers in the first design stages and in a safety way. Forecasting these extreme pressures will help to avoid sudden pipe bursting and collapsing effects, equipment’s failures and contamination due to intrusion thus guaranty a good quality service.

Dates: June 29, 2017

Instructor: Ferran Guillén

Location: KYPipe EU Sant Eloi, 4 08440 Cardedeu, Barcelona, Spain

Contact: Ferran Guillén

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +34 687 077 236

Cost: 500€

Prerequisites: Good background in steady state hydraulics of pipeline systems and some field experience with pipeline and pumping machinery.

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Course Overview

The course focus is on different subjects concerning transient protection within water network systems and pumping facilities. Aspects to be discussed are the basics of transient flows, calculation procedures, & selection of surge protection devices. Workshop sessions will cover different scenarios wherein transient events are present. Attendees will learn Pipe2016: Surge & TranSurge basics, thus help to increase their confidence in making decisions..

What you will learn:

  • Hydraulic Transients Introduction/Overview
  • Introduction to Hydraulic Modeling
  • Laying Out a Hydraulic Model, & Imputing Data
  • Importing profiles & dxf files.
  • Transient Proctection Elements
  • Sizing Air Valves
  • Surge Tools
  • Pump Inertia
  • Wave Speed Factors Influencing Celerity
  • Non-Return Valves, Check Valves, & Dynamics
  • Transient Analysis
  • Reports, Tables, Graphics, & Profiles
  • Graphical Results
Course Pricing
Pipe2016:KYPipe Modeling (Day 1) Pipe2016:KYPipe Modeling (Day 2) Pipe2016:Surge Modeling (Day 3)
Any One Day $595.00 Any Two Days $995.00 Three Days $1,295.00
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