Skeletonization and Skeletonize/Subsets

Skeletonize/Subset Feature
For all models, a user-specified subset of the system may be analyzed, excluding pipes, elements, and demands outside the subset. Pipes may be excluded based on attributes such as diameter and material.
Skeletonization Module
This KYPipe module skeletonizes a pipe system while maintaining the total system demand. The principal features include:
  1. Removing branch lines
  2. Removing pipes equal to and smaller than a designated diameter.
When pipes are removed the demands are moved to the appropriate location in the skeletonized model. Unless specified, pumps, tanks, reservoirs and regulators are not removed. The user can also designate specific pipes to be removed or retained by defining a pipe user data item (skeleton) as 2 (remove pipes) or 1 (retain pipes).
Skeletonization Options
The system below (left) has all pipes of 6-inch diameter and smaller removed (right) using this module.
Skeletonization Before Skeletonization After
IMPORTANT NOTE: once the model has been skeletonized the user should compare the performance of the skeletonized system to the original model, using an EPS if possible.