Pipe2014: Steam (Steam Analysis)

Pipe2014: Demo

SteamKYPipe’s advanced Windows graphical environment, Pipe2014, has been adapted to our entire suite of engines: analyzing gas (Pipe2014 : Gas), steam (Pipe2014 : Steam), fire sprinkler systems (Pipe2014 : GoFlow) and transient flow (Pipe2014 : Surge).

User support of our software is provided directly by our team of experts, which assures the highest possible level of support and fosters a very close relationship between our development team and our users. Previous KY Pipe users will recognize that many of the new features and capabilities of Pipe2000 were based on their suggestions and comments.

Pipe2014: Steam is the saturated steam flow model from KYPipe. A Superheat option is available for use with Pipe2014: Steam.

SuperSteam for Pipe2014: Steam can handle complex steam distribution networks with multiple supply sources generating either superheated or saturated steam. Pipe2014 : Steam analyzes the steady state flows and pressures in steam distribution networks. Flows are steady, one-dimensional, and saturated.


The powerful Steam calculation engine does all of the following:

  • Calculates heat loss, keeps track of saturated temperatures for all nodes
  •  Uses data from the latest steam tables (IAPWS-IF97) 
  • Automatically balances mass, energy and other thermodynamic properties 
  • Incorporates a mass flowrate based temperature mixing model 
  • Supports any number of parameter changes, global load factors, etc.
  • Supply Points (reservoirs)
  • Compressors or fans (pumps)
  • Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Valves and Check Valves
  • Meters
  • Fittings


No initial flow or pressure assumptions are required. Any number of parameter changes  may be made within the same analysis. At least one Fixed Pressure Node or Reservoir is required for each system.


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