Pipe2018: SuperSteam

Pipe2018: Demo

Pipe2018: SuperSteam is an advanced version of Steam. SuperSteam was developed specifically for modeling distribution networks designed for superheated steam.

Pipe2018: SuperSteam includes all the capabilities of the original Steam model and can render complex steam distribution networks with multiple supply sources generating either super heated or saturated steam, multiple compressors, and pressure-reducing valves. SuperSteam employs data from the latest steam tables (IAPWS97) for various thermodynamic properties of the steam.

Pipe2018: SuperSteam Calculation Features Include:

  • Calculates heat loss for each pipe line based on flow and pressure drop across the pipe line, pipe heat transfer coefficient, etc.
  • Tracks saturated temperatures for all nodes and sets the temperatures to saturated temperatures if the calculations force them to go below saturated values.
  • Temperature at any node is equal to the volumetric average of the temperature of all the pipes feeding the node.
  • Steam loads may be input at junction nodes, which can be used to simulate condensation loss.
  • Incorporates a mass flow rate-based temperature mixing model.
Steam Model Case 1

  • Pipe Results – heat loss, average viscosity
  • Node Results – enthalpy, temperature, saturated temperature, superheat
  • Powerful GUI features
  • Temperature specifications at known locations
  • User-specified heat transfer coefficients for pipes
  • User-specified ambient temperature