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Pipe2012: Surge is state-of-the-art water hammer analysis software. Surge provides an advanced graphical interface and an easy transition between steady state and transient flow modeling.

Forty years of extensive development brings this integrated transient analysis program that includes numerous advanced features and blazingly fast analysis results. Surge has been applied extensively, undergone numerous QA procedures (including nuclear facilities) and, in general, been exhaustively tested and verified. Several thousand Surge software packages have been supplied to Engineers worldwide.

The Surge calculation engine is the only analytical tool on the market which can accurately and efficiently model waterhammer in large, complex distribution networks. Learn more about the calculation method .

Surge is a powerful, fast, and integrated surge analysis program with numerous advanced features and 40 years of extensive use. Many surge protection devices and hydraulic elements including air vacuum valves, surge plotting, steady state, spike tracking (and more) are included.

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