Pipe2016: TranSurge for Long Transmission Main Models

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Pipe2016:TranSurge, for transient modeling of transmission mains. This product is a culmination of decades of real-world modeling experience of the software developers embedded into a brand new ultra-simplified version of Pipe2016 graphical interface specifically geared towards transmission main modeling. This exceptionally streamlined version of Pipe2016:Surge software is expected to drastically reduce time and effort needed for building flawless transmission main models and designing efficient surge protection systems.
The stand alone version of Pipe2016: TranSurge includes:

  • 65,000 pipes
  • Unlimited components (same capabilities as Pipe2016: Surge)
  • Excel profile import tool specifically designed for TranSurge
  • CAD profile import tool specifically designed for TranSurge
  • CAD profile export tool specifically designed for TranSurge
  • Limited number of loops (intended for transmission pipelines)


* Pipe2016:TranSurge, as an add-on to Pipe2016:Surge, comes with all the above features.

Introduction to TranSurge Video Dr. Lingireddy’s South Africa Presentation
TranSurge Video Introduction Dr. Lingireddy's South Africa Pipe2012: TranSurge Presentation (Dec. 2012)
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<Long Transmission Mains
Import Excel Files CAD Profiles
Effortlessly import excel data files into a TranSurge model. read more The CAD Profile Tool, a feature included in the TranSurge software, generates profile plots for long transmission mains in a CAD format. read more
Import Excel Files Effortlessly Export CAD Profiles