Version Changes

Defined Changes In Each Version

A version (i.e., 8.014, etc.) contains bug fixes and sometimes added features.  You can update to the latest version regardless of what release (i.e., Pipe2016, Pipe2014, Pipe2012, etc.) you are licensed for, and we recommend that users update when a new version becomes available, and before calling Technical Support, since updating may resolve the issue.

Each Version update is accompanied by a Change Description.  In the descriptions, the term “critical fix” means any change which has the potential, however remote, to affect analysis results. The description includes information on specific scenario and simulation types where results may be affected.

Availability of Features

1. Releases: some of the version-specific features described below are not available in earlier releases, click here to see a list of available features by release.  

2. Interface:  some features are available in the Kynetic Interface but not the Classic Interface, see our GUI Page. However, Classic users can switch back and forth between the two interfaces to take advantage of the available KYnetic features.

3. Packages: additional features are provided based on the subscription level, which is specific to the analysis engine.  Click to see a description of features by package for KYpipe and GoFlowGas, Steam and SWMM, and Surge



8.014 Current 8.015 (Beta) 8.016 (Beta) 8.017 (Beta)

8.013 8.010 8.004 8.002 7.021 7.015 7.014 7.013
7.012 7.011 7.010 7.008 7.006 7.005 7.004 7.003
7.002 7.001 7.000c 6.051 6.038 6.037 6.036 6.033
6.031 6.030 6.028 6.027 6.025 6.024 6.020 6.010
6.005 6.004 5.017 5.016 5.014 5.012 5.010 5.006
5.005 5.004 5.003 5.002 5.001 5.000 4.109 4.108
4.107 4.106 4.104 4.102 4.100 3.011 3.000 2.110
2.109 2.107 2.106 2.105 2.104 2.100 2.010  

 Change Descriptions

 8.017 (Beta) Back to Top
  • Critical fix – The 12th row of the Active Valve Editor table is no longer editable. This row has always been designated for special use internally. The actual area ratio applied in the analysis for Active Valves which are defined with the valve description in row 12 are linear values such as those used for Globe Valve and not the values as input into row 12 in versions previous to 8.017. This only applies to Surge analyses where the Active Valve defined by row 12 is opened, closed or uses or a ratio other than 1 or 0.
 8.016 (Beta) Back to Top
  • Renumber and Prefix for nodes and pipes will now allow no prefix to be designated and just assign numbers without a dash.
 8.015 (Beta) Back to Top
  • Critical Fix When a pump with a defined grade (no pipe connected to inlet side) is used to model a pump startup in Surge, this version fixes the bug where a head value of zero is used instead of the value input in the pump data.
  • Optimal Design Menu will now automatically sort Pipe Cost info by Pipe Diameter before an analysis is complete.
  • User Information feature added for Pipe2018 excluding GoFlow
  • ‘Open as TXT’ and ‘Open as DOC’ option added to all text reports including analysis report.
    ‘Open as TXT’ opens the report in notepad (or the default txt app). It does not ask for a file name, saves in the kyp folder with the same name. ‘Open as DOC’ opens the report in Word (or the default app). It does not ask for a file name, saves in the kyp folder with the same name.
  • ‘Open as TXT’ and ‘Open as DOC’ option added to all text reports including analysis report.
    ‘Open as TXT’ opens the report in notepad (or the default txt app). It does not ask for a file name, saves in the kyp folder with the same name. ‘Open as DOC’ opens the report in Word (or the default app). It does not ask for a file name, saves in the kyp folder with the same name.
  • Added ‘Print as unformatted text’ open to all text reports including analysis report when the Print option is selected. The ‘print’ button will ask ‘print as unformatted text?’ If “yes” it opens the report in notepad, prints it, and then quits.
 8.014 (Current) Back to Top
  • Displaying background images combined with Internet Maps bug fix.
 8.013 Back to Top
  • Increase number of reservoirs in Gas to 1000.
  • Increase the resolution of contours for older versions to the same level as Pipe2014, printing resolution was too low.
  • Typo fix changed gage to gauge.
  • Wibu bug fix.
 8.010 Back to Top
  • Critical Fix Fixed hydrant constant value applied for Fireflow and Hydrant Analysis – Hydrant Flow option (no hose)
 8.004 Back to Top
  • Fixed bugs with Google Earth Import/Export.
 8.002 Back to Top
  • Critical Fix Fixed Residual Pressure reporting for Fireflow and Hydrant Analysis – Hydrant Flow option (with and without hose)
 7.021 Back to Top
  • Snap Hydrants, Valves, and Meters added (Pipe2016 feature).
  • Connect Criss-Cross Pipes added for (Pipe2016 KYnetic feature).
 7.016 Back to Top
  • Improved error checking in variable diameter surge tanks.
 7.015 Back to Top
  • Due to changes in availability the map sources have been reduced to MapQuest and Google.
  • Improved Device Help screens.
  • Fixed bug with multiple item node labels.
 7.014 Back to Top
  • Fixed bug with DXF Export in TranSurge.
 7.013 Back to Top
  • New CV Dynamics tool for Pipe2016: Surge with improved usability.
  • New Travel Time/Path and Travel Distance features for Pipe2016 (Travel Time not included in Surge module).
 7.012 Back to Top
  • Change Pattern Generate for Pipe2016 (KYnetic only).
  • Changed ‘Renumber and Prefix’ to maintain compatibility with ‘Sort Tables’
  • Improved Copy/Paste functionality for Pump ID tables in KYnetic compatible with external clipboards.
  • Ability to load and save all Pump IDs to single file in KYnetic.
 7.011 Back to Top
  • Added a beta version of Device Icons (Pipe2016 feature).
 7.010 Back to Top
  • Restored Close, Max and Min button to animated profiles.
  • Bug fix displaying Pipe Info window in KYnetic.
  • Minor bug fixes.
 7.008 Back to Top
  • Bug fix in KYnetic version with Japanese and Korean text.
 7.006 Back to Top
  • Added Air Valve Placement Tool (Pipe2016 beta).
  • Bug fix, metered connection (and check valve) when exporting to SHP file.
 7.005 Back to Top
  • More State-Plain coordinate system added.
  • Bug fix in Optimized Pump Scheduling and Optimized Design and GIS Export.
  • Bug fix for labeling bar units.
 7.004 Back to Top
  • New DXG/DWG display option that supports much more recent files (Pipe2016 beta).
  • Font size option for system and pump graphs.
  • Copy/paste bug fix.
 7.003 Back to Top
  • Fix bug handling iterative disconnections which caused an “inappropriate input data has produced and unacceptable condition” error.
 7.002 Back to Top
  • Emphasize Pipes as Nodes (Pipe2016 beta.) This emphasizes pipe with colors and values from Node Contours and Node Emphasis.
 7.001 Back to Top
  • Angle feature for Text Nodes implemented in KYnetic interface.
 7.000c Back to Top
  • All Pipe2014 features are out of beta.
  • Fixed a system copy/paste bug that occurs on the second paste.
  • Fixed bug with Loss Element ID’s over 200.
 6.051 Back to Top
  • Fixes insert node on pipe in wrong location bug.
  • Fixes bug of occasionally not seeing node information.
 6.038 Back to Top
  • Improved Pipe Click detection and Pipe Notation detection.
  • Google Earth Export (Pipe2016 Professional)
 6.037 Back to Top
  • Improved DAT file import.
 6.036 Back to Top
  • Pipe Break, Pipe Intrusion bug fix.
 6.032 Back to Top
  • Pipe2014 URL Option. Settings in the preferences menu to add the item ‘URL’ to the node info added. The SCADA option performs the same action only the name is different. When the URL option is turned on there will be a data item for each node called URL in the table. Any URL can be entered here. Also, enter a file name and the file will launch. A new ICON will appear at the bottom of the node info table. The ICON is gray if no URL has been entered and orange if there is a URL. Clicking the button launches the URL.In group mode it will launch all selected node’s URLs.
 6.031 Back to Top
  • Pipe2014 preview demo is now included.
  • Fixed bug with check valves with one-way surge tanks.
6.030 Back to Top
  • Licensed users can now edit systems up to 65,000 pipes
  • In KYnetic added the option to have smaller row heights in the node and pipe data tables so that more rows are visible.
  • In Classic interface fixed bug with node images.
  • Option to overlay the previous animated profile onto the current profile. This appears in the Emphasis menu.
6.028 Back to Top
  • In KYnetic added the ability to show small node and pipe results graphs within the node and pipe data tables.
  • In KYnetic Surge added easier switching between the various pump and reservior types.
  • In KYnetic KYPipe & Surge added easier switching between the various pump and reservoir types.
  • In KYnetic improved group editing features.
  • Fix bug with pump speed graphs.
6.027 Back to Top
  • Added option to use LAT/LONG as X/Y. Can be used in conjunction with ‘Calc pipe length from LAT/LONG’ to get proper pipe lengths when using this option./li>
6.025 Back to Top
  • Updated to use the new MapQuest – OpenStreetMaps protocols
  • Fix emphasis bug after Flushing analysis
  • Fixed HowTo bug in KYNetic interface
  • Fixed bug with Get Elevations for Selected Nodes, and Get Elevations for Node with Zero Elevation
  • Surge and TranSurge demo limitations increased
  • Added option in Automatic Demand Distribution on Selected Nodes to allow demands at other nodes to remain unchanged
6.020 Back to Top
  • Minor Interface Enhancements
6.010 Back to Top
  • Minor Interface Enhancements
6.005 Back to Top
  • Native support for various coordinate systems when displaying internet maps and retrieving elevations. These include State-Plane, UTM, and European 1950. Others may be added on request.
  • KYnetic Feature: Can turn off pipe flow direction arrows (6.006e)
  • Cut, Copy, Paste for Pump IDs, Tank IDs, Pump Changes, and Node Changes for KYnetic as well as Classic interface (6.006e)
  • Option to reverse direction of Animated Profile
  • Water Quality Sensor placement tool (KYnetic)
  • Contour precision increased by a factor of 7 for Pipe2014
  • Check Valve/Loss Element bug fix
  • Results report header will now show P2K version and date
  • Maximum number of KYPIPE simulations increased to 50,000
  • Improved DXF import tool
  • Minor bug fixes to GIS import tool
  • Added a manufacturer-provided bladder tank library
  • Fixed pump and valve prefixes of control elements in EPANet import tool
  • Surge instability at time zero bug fix
  • Gas variable atmospheric pressures for gas network models. Enter ratio of specific heats with a negative sign to enable this option
6.004 Back to Top
  • Fixed bug in KYnetic with pipe emphasis colors
  • Removed names on Intermediate Nodes in Crossovers
  • In KYnetic File Menu clicking on previous file name will now load them
  • Network users can now switch licenses without having to restart
  • For Surge the maximum number of node graphs is now 10 (or 5 when displaying previous results)
  • TranSurge demo added
  • Pipe2014 Feature: Can now display a PDF as a background image
  • Pipe2014 Feature: Google Maps and Elevations
  • Pipe2014 KYPipe Feature: Tanks have One-Way option
  • Pipe2014 KYPipe Feature: Tanks have Overflowing option
  • Pipe2014 KYPipe Feature: Tanks have Non-Draining option
  • Improved Printing/Print Preview
6.001 Back to Top
  • New Check Valve Element (Pipe2012: KYPipe & Surge)
  • New File/Table Element (Pipe2012: Surge & KYPipe)
  • New Siphon Breaker Element (Pipe2012: Surge)
  • Horizontal Cylinder for Closed Surge & Bladder Tanks (Pipe2012: Surge)
  • Holding Tank Element (Pipe2012: Surge & KYPipe)
  • Electronically Actuated Surge Anticipation Valve (Pipe2012: Surge)
  • Dynamic Air Valve (Pipe2012: Surge)
  • EPANET Data Transfer Wizard (Pipe2012: Surge)
  • User Specified Coefficient of Discharge for Air Valve Elements (Surge)
  • Fix to Instability at Time Zero of Surge Analysis (Surge)
  • Internet Maps for Backgrounds (Pipe2012)
  • Quick Profile & Advanced Contour Options (Pipe2012)
  • Automatic Elevation Retrieval (Pipe2012)
  • Enhanced Fitting Tables (Pipe2012)
  • Improved Pipe Labeling (Pipe2012)
5.017 Back to Top
  • Removes extraneous data from tabulated results of surge analyses of systems with air valves.
5.016 Back to Top
  • Important fixes were made to some external tools.
  • Lookup Properties (Gas only). A correction was made in the “Lookup Properties” Absolute Viscosity values. Pipe2010 : Gas users, verify existing Gas models for Absolute Viscosity values obtained from previous versions of this tool.
  • Resistance Calculator (KYPipe and Surge). A correction was made to the “Resistance Calculator” Resistance and Flow Coefficient values obtained for fluids with specific gravity (SG) not equal to 1 (fluids other than water). KYPipe and Surge users, check Resistance or Flow Coefficient values obtain from previous versions of this tool for fluids other than water.
5.014 Back to Top
  • More efficient handling of KYPipe and Surge systems from 6,000 to 10,000 pipes
  • Single point pumps can be defined more precisely
5.012 Back to Top
  • Minor bug fixes
5.010 Back to Top
  • New Surge Element – Dynamic Air Valve (Pipe2012)
  • New Surge Element – Electrically Actuated Surge Anticipation Valve (Pipe2012)
  • Bug fix for Undo command
5.006 Back to Top
  • Better handling of Surge systems > 20,000 pipes
5.005 Back to Top
  • Pipe2010 now uses the Clipboard only for Copy functions.
  • Minor bug fixes
5.004 Back to Top
  • Critical bug fix for Surge users
  • Minor bug fixes
5.003 Back to Top
5.002 Back to Top
  • P2K files and all associated files are optionally saved in a unique subfolder.
  • All versions of Pipe2010 will now handle up to 65,000 total nodes.
5.001 Back to Top
  • Hydraulically Actuated Surge Anticipation Valve for Pipe2010 users.
  • Pipe2010 no longer writes to files in the program files folder or any of its subfolders.
5.000 Back to Top
4.109 Back to Top
  • The Pipe Break Function now considers Active Valves in addition to On/Off Valves.
  • Pipe Break Report now includes the volume of the pipe break.
  • Fixed bug in profiles.
  • Automatic System Generation now allows current pipe types to be specified.
  • Text Labels can be rotated to any angle (Pipe2010)
4.108 Back to Top
  • Improved Error Checking
  • Constant Pressure Pumps
  • Constant Flow Pumps
  • Improved AVI animation for profile and map.
  • Pipe emphasis switch between result a and b.
  • Junction Node sizes can be changed independently of other nodes.
  • The color for closed pipes can be set.
  • Closed pipes can be dashed or solid
  • You can copy from pipe tables or node tables (to paste in other applications)
  • You can search in the report.
  • Reservoirs can be Grade, Pressure, or Depth type.
4.107 Back to Top
  • Minor bug fixes
4.106 Back to Top
  • Sort Tables preformance improved
  • Added two tools (surge only)
  • Project information under System Data | Preferences for supply plots
  • Profile now labels the x and y axis automatically
  • Fix Show Everything to remove all nodes. Now Show Junctions and the others are hidden when Show Everything is unchecked
  • Option to edit Data Tables by entering a value, then selecting a range, the clicking a button. This will not change hidden rows or columns
  • Group Pump ID change now works for LPS tanks
4.104 Back to Top
  • Minor bug fixes
4.102 Back to Top
  • Improved Professional Features (AutoCAD and GIS import/export)
  • Save and load Contour and Emphasis data
  • Added Contour options (Main Menu)
  • Merge Pipe Schedule feature
  • Laying out node, R or L click a second time (same location) node will not be automatically made into intermediate node if it is in-line.
  • Fixed Mode is now independent (Group Mode and Fixed Mode may be on at the same time)
  • More than 10 lines may be placed in the Simulation Memo (System Data | Other, KYPipe only)
  • Project information under System Data | Preferences for fire sprinkler supply plots (KYPipe, GoFlow)
  • Eliminates the message “Keylok not found”
Version 4.100 Back to Top
  • Pushpin – Ability to attach Notes to the map (All)
  • Save and load Contour and Emphasis data
  • Units help hover buttons. Hover the mouse for units hints (All Engines)
  • LPS Tanks with pressure switches and inflow demand pattern (KYPipe and Surge)
  • Hydropnuematic tank – pump and tank combined uses air pressure to supply pressure to move water out of tank (KYPipe and Surge)
  • Demand patterns for tank inflows(KYPipe, Surge)
  • Ability to turn CAD layers on/off in backgrounds (All Engines)
  • Add/remove check valves with group edit. (KYPipe, Surge)
  • Copy/paste pump and tank shape IDs (All)
  • Group edit/select multiple and regular junction demands/demand types.
  • Improved print backgrounds (All Engines)
  • Calibration wizard (KYPipe)
  • 250 sets of results available for Gas, Steam, and SWMM
  • Pipe2006/2008 New gradients on contours (All)
  • Pipe2006/2008 – Contours may be accessed from main menu(All Engines)
  • Pipe2006/2008 – For Multiple Demand Types labels, display demand totals and lists (All Engines)
  • Under Edit | Copy Map to Clipboard
  • Save report as doc file.
  • Edit | Copy can now copy/paste part of the report.
  • Significantly reduced file size.
  • Significantly reduced file size.
  • EPANET export without having to run Quality analysis.
3.011 Back to Top
  • Improved AutoFill for node contours
  • Volume calculation in the inventory/cost analysis
3.006 Back to Top
  • Up to 499 pumps or loss elements for KYPipe
  • Show Backgrounds – under ‘View’ in main menu, toggles background maps on and off
  • Show Everything – under ‘View’ in main menu, toggles all of the ‘Show..’ options.
  • Help Screens – available on map for Tanks and SDOs
  • Saved Views – under View, can save and load up to 7 different map views.
  • Demand patterns for tank inflows(KYPipe, Surge)
  • Inventory/Cost – for group selected pipes and nodes.
  • View Previous Results for Surge
  • For pump output, ‘o-‘ and ‘i-‘ prefixes appear differentiate between inlet and outlet side
  • Minimize During Surge Analysis
  • A new routine allows user to add check valves upon opening file for first time in updated version
  • Up to 500 sets of EPS results (available in 3.000)
  • Pipe2006 P2K files are smaller (save without results)
  • Pipe2006 runs an analysis from about 5% to 300% faste than V2 (available in 3.000).
  • Pipe2006 displays results graphs, labels and contours faster than V2 (available in 3.000)
3.000 Back to Top
  • Superheat will be a new Pipe2000: Steam option
  • Remote analysis for sprinklers in KYPipe
  • Required capacity for sprinklers in KYPipe
  • Sprinkler summary and supply plot in KYPipe
  • Animate map over time
  • Profile animate can be made into an AVI (movie) file
  • Locate Pressure zone, includes emphasis options
  • Find and purge parallel pipes
  • Calculate (equivalent) Branch Diameters (Rural)
  • Emphasize pumps – off, on, or stalled
  • Pump Select Tool – match data with existing pumps
  • Undo/redo for 3 levels of map changes )
  • ‘Sprinkler 2’ features for KYPipe (Outside hose, etc.)
  • Turbines and Wicket Gates for Surge
  • Sprinkler report option for KYPipe
  • Screen Capture of map
  • North arrow symbol on map
  • Report Printing options expanded
  • Logos in map legend, and on reports
  • ESFR remote sprinkler area analysis for KYPipe and GoFlow
  • KYPipe analysis for GoFlow, including changes
2.110 Back to Top
  • Volume calculation in the inventory/cost analysis had been added
2.109 Back to Top
  • Pumps have optional internal check valves
  • ‘Fixed2’ mode (click on the Fixed button twice). In Fixed2 mode pipe and nodes can be added to the system but node locations cannot be changed
  • Group Select/Group Change/Labels for Pump ID
  • Group Select/Labels for Static Head: this is based on a reference value defined in System Data/Preferences
2.107 Back to Top
  • Pumps have optional internal check valves
  • On Results graph, under Setup, ability to change graph colors
  • Ability to define the curve created for rated pumps
  • Under System Data | Preferences, an alternate pan method had been added
  • Additional sprinkler data available for fire sprinkler systems in KYPipe (System Data | Preferences | Sprinkler 2)
  • Under Edit in the main menu, option to select all pipes or select all nodes.
2.106 Back to Top
  • Hide and unhide labels with single keystroke
  • Additional Map Legend options
  • Contours, Pipe and Node Emphasis now have 12 values instead of 5
  • Under System Data | Preferences, an alternate pan method had been added
  • Additional Pipe Profile options
2.105 Back to Top
  • Improved Error Checking
  • Improved Profile features
  • Print with Current Printer Settings
  • Active Valve improvements
  • Saving Pipeline Profiles
  • Option to set default sprinkler data in the Simulation Specs screen
  • Tools-Air Slam Pressure Surge-Modulating (Regulating) Valve-Profile Import-Residual Pressure Adjustment
2.104 Back to Top
  • Print to Scale
  • Faster on networks
2.100 Back to Top
  • Report flows as positive regardless of flow direction
  • Use fireflow with minimum pressure, or a hydrant with or without a hose to calculate fire flows at hydrants or junctions
  • Pump Curves set axes, print/save to BMP or clipboard
  • Efficiency and speed improvements in printing
  • Print Preview
  • Legend, title, distance scale and frame options for the map
  • Temperature Dependant Liquid Analysis (Pipe2000: KYPipe Professional Version)
  • Profile animation, axis labeling, save to BMP/print/copy to clipboard, font size, travel time, and legend, and more
  • Compare previous and current results in graphs and tables
  • Active valve resistance as Cv (valve coefficient) or R
  • Select one of last 5 previously-opened files to open
  • Save without results
  • Delete unneccessary files
  • Tools – Bladder Pre-Charge (Surge- Hose and Nozzle Constants
  • Improved Background file display capabilities
2.010 Back to Top
  • Copy and Paste Pipes and Nodes
  • User-defined Library elements (loss elements, BFPs, etc.)
  • Edit/Delete Intermediate Nodes
  • Label Size, Position and Color
  • Option to show or not show text in AutoCAD background
  • Report Font is Saved
  • Tools – Spike Track (Surge)