Flushing Planner Analysis

KYPipe’s Flushing Planner is a unique and powerful tool that calculates which pipes will attain a desired flushing velocity when specified valves are turned off and specified hydrants are flowing. The analysis generates a special set of map labels, color-coded pipes, and a flushing report.
The Analysis
The Flushing Planner setup screen is shown below. Adjustments can be made to the following data and conditions:

  • Title.
  • Flushing velocity (Display Velocity).
  • Valve status (On/Off).
  • Hydrants to be flushed.
  • Hydrant data (Hydrant Constant or Flush Flow).

Unlimited adjustments can be made and the analysis can be rerun until the desired results are attained.

Analysis Setup Screen

Flushing Selections
The Process
The Flushing Analysis process is illustrated using the schematic and steps outlined below.
  1. Close the pipes necessary to isolate the  desired region by closing valves. To close a valve, select the valve and click the On/Off switch in the Node Information Window; in Group Mode select all valves to be closed and then select the Off switch.  The closed valves are noted with a red “X” and the pipes containing the closed valves are shown using dashed lines.
  2. In Group Mode select one or more hydrants to be flushed.
  3. Run the Flushing Planner (Analyze | Analyze). Set the desired flushing velocity (Display Velocity).
When the analysis is run, the pipes that have attained the desired flushing velocity are emphasized in the Map Area.

Display of Flushed Pipes