New Features in Pipe2010

New Features in Pipe2010:

  • Optimal Pump Scheduling Tool – Optimize pumping operation and cost over time.
  • Optimal Design Module for KYPipe.  Optimal Design selects the correct diameters for any portion of a system.
  • Automatic Demand Distribution – distributes total residential demand throughout the model automatically
  • PDF output for all Pipe2010 graphs, tables, maps, reports and profiles.  Create paperless reports. 
  • JPG output for all Pipe2010 graphs, tables, maps, reports and profiles.
  • Animated Profiles for KYPipe, Surge, Gas, Steam and SWMM.  Depicts flows and devices operations.  Save AVI files.
  • New Elements – Constant Pressure Pumps, Constant Flow Pumps, Pressure Reservoirs, Depth Reservoirs (for KYPipe and Surge).
  • New Element – Hydrant Monitor, analyze hydrants with up to three valves open.
  • New Element – Active Valve for Gas.
  • New Element – Hydraulically Activated Surge Anticipation Valve for Surge
  • Expanded Rural Analysis for KYPipe
  • Text Labels can be rotated to any angle
  • Cursor Notation – Hover the mouse cursor over any pipe or node and a popup will display critical information and analysis results (example below).


Cursor Notation in Pipe2010