I have run, approximately, some 900 analyses of various systems in Israel but mainly overseas…Lately I have run Surge analysis for two large desalinization plants…

~Giora Heimann
DOROT Valves

We have used your software for almost every project. The biggest one is project Tiel-west . . . For this project we have used the software for determining the diameter, the working point of the pumps for ten pump stations and water hammering in the system.

~Wondwosen Gebeyehu
Waterschap Rivierenland
The Netherlands

PIPE2000 was instrumental for determining the optimal tie-in locations for the new transmission piping into the existing distribution system. The program was also used for evaluating construction sequences to minimize customer interruptions associated with the new system interconnections.

~Tim Peer, P.E.
Cornell University

In 2003 our company modeled a 22,000+ customer distribution system. Using Pipe2000, we imported information from our client’s GIS data as well as billing records’ information to accurately model demand. While building the model, we contacted the tech support folks on many occasions. Product/tech support was always prompt, courteous, and supportive . . . We delivered a good system model to our client.

~Alex L. Baker, EIT
Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

Tutorial videos were helpful… core modeling package and abilities are great and the program is very useful for modeling new subdivisions tying into existing larger distribution systems that can only provide hydrant flow data…

~Steve Kvech
George, Miles and Buhr, LLC

The powerful KYPIPE softwares had excellent results in all projects that I have worked in South America. I have used those softwares in the most important projects of Water Supply and Sewage Pump Stations in many cities of Brasil.

~Carlos Menezes
M&M Engenharia Arquitetura e Paisagismo S/C Ltda

We at ZBA, Inc. have been using KYPipe and its antecedents ever since it was released for use on the IBM PC AT. We use the suite of programs for engineering calculation in many instances but also use it for modeling and analysis of distribution systems. … I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the programs to anybody needing to analyze large fluid networks.

~Craig L. Patterson, P.E.
ZBA, Inc.

I have used KY Pipe for the past 2 years and find it very helpful. The program is very user-friendly. I have used it on many cities here in the west Texas area. City of Brownfield, City of Wolfforth, and the city of Levelland are just a few.

~Brian Stephens
Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper

The response and support I’ve experienced was excellent, I give your company a 100% score for client satisfaction.

~Robert W. Jacobson
Jacobs Consultancy Nederland B.V.

I think the software is pretty easy to use. I was a self starter then, and did not have many problems teaching myself.

~Yao B. Ababio, PhD, MBA
Aker Kvaerner USA, Inc.

We use the software for doing some simple design projects involving water distribution systems for our undergraduate Urban Hydraulics class. The software is well-received by students, and provides them with a good diagnostic tool. The support from the KYPIPE modeling group has always been excellent.

~Rao S. Govindaraju
School of Civil Engineering
Purdue University

I’ve used the pipe Network modeling software for over 20 years (does anyone remember WOODNET?). Without disappointment, the staff has provided prompt and effective support to the software. With each new version, the flexiblity and power of the software as a design tool continues to exceed my expectations. Keep up the good work!

~Scott Thomson, P.E.

I have been using KYPipe software extensively for the past 3 years on many different projects…The software is user-friendly and has a lot of capabilities. The technical support is very good and the response time is short, usually the same day. Overall, we are very pleased with the software and the customer support, in particular Bill Gilbert, who has been always reachable and very responsive to our inquiries.

~Mariusz D. Jedrychowski
Maguire Group, Inc.

Our company has been using KY Pipe for a few years. As of now we use it to model the water system for the City of Cloverdale. The program is user-friendly with great dialog boxes…it’s great!

~Karen Sullivan
Coastland Civil Engineering, Inc.

We use Steam2000 to model the extensive campus steam distribution network for outage and growth planning. The campus is currently about 13 million square feet and heading towards 20 million.

~William T. Lowery II
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I’ve been using KY Pipe’s surge software (DOS version) for about four years for hydrant fueling systems. . . We appreciate all of the support.

~Kris Allegood, E.I.T.
Pond & Company

We have been using KYPIPE Software for at least 12 Years . . . We have hydraulic models on all of our rural water systems and most of our small city or community systems. . . The support of your staff has been excellent . . . I would strongly recommend the software for the type of systems that we work with.

~Loy Claunch
Crafton, Tull & Associates, Inc.

Pipe2000/KYPIPE was used to . . . determine the most cost effective remedy . . . which saved us in the order of NZ$100 000 (US$61 000) dollars – and this was just in one instance! . . . Overall – the modelling (in my view) has been very worthwhile! Over the years I have found your local agent (Stewart Sargent) along with several of your own staff members to be very helpful and responses to my queries would be very prompt despite the miles (and time zones) that separate our 2 countries.

~Ian Johnson
City Water & Waste Unit
Christchurch City Council
New Zealand

One project that [Pipe2000] was essential for was a cooling tower pump, piping design we did for service to four 200 ton water chillers . . . the modeling software allowed us to design without much refit . . . The software is easy to use and your support was very good. We will continue to use it in the future.

~Walter Dodson
Omnova Solutions, Inc.

Thank-you very much for the prompt and courteous reply. It is very much appreciated and VERY rare!

~Matt Keller
Amgen Utilities

I have used Pipe2000, Gas2000 and Steam2000 on CSPC Nanhai Petrochemical Project in China.

~Han Chien Yen
Bechtel Corporation and BSF China Limited

The software allowed us to readily create a model of the existing system and easily add new pipes and nodes to simulate our proposed subdivision. The review agency appreciated the clear reports provided by the software and approved our first submission with only two minor comments!

~Kevin E. Murray, P.E.
Tri Tek Engineering, Inc.

Many thanks for your fast response…we are really appreciating the Surge2000 user interface and functionality. You have obviously put a lot of work into it. Thanks again.

~Matthew Reed
URS New Zealand

We find ourselves using our PIPE2000 water model on a regular basis here in the City of Lawton (a Municipality), Oklahoma. With the aid of our PIPE2000 model, we were able to manipulate our systems to be able to maintain water supply during this relocation process at satisfactory pressure level this fall… Our distribution system behaved exactly as the model predicted.

~M. M. Azim, P.E.
City of Lawton, OK

As always, we experienced excellent and relevent assistance with technical hydraulic modeling questions.

~John Grim P.E.
John Grim & Associates

I.C. Thomasson Assoc, Inc. has used KyPipe or Pipe 2000 for hydraulic analysis of the chilled water distribution system on numerous projects including the following:

Tennessee Tech University

University of Memphis

Western Kentucky University

Vanderbilt University

Nashville Thermal Transfer Corporation

Samford University

Middle Tennessee University

East Tennessee State University

All of these are large distribution systems serving a central plant with multiple buildings connected. The model has been used to study constant flow systems and variable flow systems with pumping arrangements including primary/secondary and distributed pumping. Pipe2000 has been flexible enough to allow me to model pumps in a number of different ways. Technical support has always been excellent. The latest versions of the program have such improved graphics for easy data input that I can model an entire system in a very short time.

~Burkley M. Allen, P.E.
I.C. Thomasson Assoc, Inc.

We use the software for fire flow analysis on 90% of our commercial sited development projects subject to regulation by the City of Austin Fire Department. We typically model peak fire demand for the buildings to ensure that the system can deliver the required flows.

~Andy Linseisen
Cook-Steinman & Associates, Inc.

I found PIPE2000 to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. If one understands the principles of hydraulic analysis in looped distribution systems, then figuring out how to use this software should not be difficult. Nice work, guys. KYPIPE is the standard to which all competitors are measured.

~Greg Mosure
BBS Corporation

Thanks for following up on this. The webinar was very useful and well presented and organized.

~Stephen W. Haines, PE (PA, NJ), CFEI President
Haines Fire & Risk Consulting

I do appreciate the quick response to my problem. It is nice to know there are organizations, like yours, that still believe in giving good customer service.

~Elliot Drucker
The Process Group, LLC

I just wanted to express my thanks for the patience and assistance everyone has exhibited and provided as I struggled through a “bad computer,” and ultimately setting up this model. I worked with the client through extended field-testing and calibration work this summer, and feel pretty good about what we developed.

In particular Bill, I know that you were “at the center of the hurricane” as you worked to assist me this year. You exhibited a deep understanding of both water systems and hydraulic modeling, which makes your counsel both credible and useful. I hope you’ll accept my thanks for the time you spent on this project.

~Michael Nepple, PE
Coldwater Project Services, PLLC

Thanks for the quick responses, in SA that is a rare thing and it is refreshing dealing with people who are on top of it.

~Anton Badenhorst
I.T. Services Manager

“I wanted to let you know that our client at the 15,000 acre historic park project completed final testing at the end of March following construction of improvements based on our analysis/report and design. The flow and pressure tests at representative locations throughout the park showed significant improvements in the pressure transients. One example: where we recorded with digital gauges a swing from 139 psi peak to a 38.5 low following shutdown of a hydrant flow in our original test, the recent final test resulted in 90 psi peak to 80 psi low. We really appreciated your and your team’s contribution with the surge modeling, analysis and recommendations.”

~John G. O’Neill, PE, FSFPE
The Protection Engineering Group, Inc.

We are currently using the software to model an entire pressure sanitary sewer system for the Town of Chapin, SC (near Columbia). This model will allow us to quickly analyze the Town’s system and design its improvements. The software is working great and provides quick data entry and feedback on various design options. We have used it on many other projects to model both water and sanitary sewer systems and have been pleased with the results.

~Justin Bouknight

We recently completed a surge analysis on an existing 60 km long steel and pre-stressed concrete gravity pipeline in South Africa. Although the pipeline has not suffered recent failures, we found during leak detection inspections that operational changes (opening and closing of valves) were performed very rapidly and we were concerned that this operating approach might be causing pressure transients and long term damage to the pipeline. We performed field measurements to capture data which we used to verify certain system parameters and calibrate the SURGE 2010 model. The calibrated model was then used to assess a number of operational scenarios to determine the impact of operational changes on the magnitude of pressure surges.

I was very pleased with the good correlation that was achieved between the measured and modeled data under steady state and dynamic conditions. It is definitely a compliment to the accuracy of the modeling software and gives us good confidence for future applications.

~Kobus Prinsloo
Pipeline Condition Assessment & Leak Detection Specialists

We used Surge 2000 to analyze transients in a raw water discharge line, approximately 14 miles, 24″/36.” Your customer support as well as the technical support was extremely useful. Your have a great product. I was very pleased with the software.

~Srini Sundaramoorthy, P.E.
Tetra Tech FHC

Thank you very much for your follow up! I am glad to report that things are going very well and that the students are having an absolute feast with your package!!! It really is an amazing package that you have put together. And every week we discover additional features that help us.

I plan to send you a comprehensive report on one of the student’s projects in a few week’s time. I think that you will be impressed with what he’s been doing with KYPipe.

Thank you again for your superb support. THAT is the main reason that we decided to purchase KYPipe.

~Leon Liebenberg North-West University
CRCED Pretoria, South Africa

We’ve been working with KYPIPE for the past 2 years; both their programs PIPE and SURGE are excellent tools and have been of great help to us.

We use SURGE to help our clients select adequate surge protection devices (air valves, surge vessels, surge anticipation control valves, active check valves) and PIPE -not so frequently- to verify some designs. We also sell the program locally, we include it in our products presentations and for specific clients we give a SURGE talk that involves the program itself and the surge protection products.

You will not find better programs in the market, both PIPE and SURGE are leaders worldwide (the top hydraulic consultant company in Argentina works with SURGE). Their technical assistance is excellent and they have a lot of experience in water projects.

~Ing. Luis A. Conti Gerente de Ingeniería
TECNOFLOW ® División Agua y Saneamiento de