Dr. Wood’s Biography



Dr. Don J. Wood

Professor Emeritus, University of Kentucky


Don J. Wood is a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky and currently the CEO of KYPIPE, LLC. He received the Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University and is the author of over 110 technical papers dealing with steady-state and transient flow. He is a co-author of the AWWA Engineering Division 2007 best paper – AWWA Journal, titled, “The Need for Comprehensive Transient Analysis of Distribution Systems.” He received the 2004 Simon Freese Environmental Engineering Award and presented the award-winning lecture titled, “Waterhammer Analysis – Essential and Easy” at the 2004 EWRI Congress. He has received numerous other awards, including the national ASEE Western Electric Outstanding Engineering Professor and the ASCE Huber Research Prize in addition to many teaching awards such as and the Outstanding Engineering Professor and the Lutes Teaching Award. In March 2011, Dr. Wood was awarded the prestigious Honorary Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer (Hon.D.WRE) title. These awards were presented largely in recognition of his work in developing state-of-the-art techniques in pipe network flow modeling. Dr. Wood is the creator of the powerful node/loop method for steady-state pipe network analysis. He is the developer of the widely-used KYPipe program for steady-state flow and pressure analysis in large piping networks that carry water and other liquids. He is also the creator of the computationally-efficient and accurate wave method for analyzing transient flow and the principal developer of the widely-used Surge program for modeling transient liquid flow in piping systems. Both of these commercial software packages are used extensively worldwide. He is also the senior author of a recent text on transient pipe flow.


Dr. Wood has taught short courses on steady-state and transient pipe system modeling at numerous locations worldwide. He also is very active in consulting activities for engineering consulting firms in the area of transient flow including transient analysis of sprinkler systems. In addition Dr. Wood has developed the GoFlow software package for the analysis of fire protection sprinkler systems.