KYPipe (and GoFlow) Packages

Package Levels
Features Basic Standard Professional Premium
Pump Cycles more      
DXF Profile Export (CAD Profiles) more      
Temperature-Dependent Analysis more      
Skeletonization more      
Water Quality Calibration *GA Application more      
Branch Diameter Analysis (LPS Modeling) more      
Data Exchange Import/Export – DXF/GIS more  
Optimal Water Quality Sensor Placement Tool more    
Google Earth Import & Export more    
Flushing Calculations, Planner & Analysis more  
Calibration and Calibration Wizard *GA Application more  
Optimal Pump Scheduling *GA Application more  
Water Quality, Water Age, and Trace Analysis more  
Rural and Expanded Looped Analysis (IPD/PDD Hydraulics) more  
Optimal Design Module *GA Application more  
Hydrant and Fire Flow Calculation more  
Scenario Management Feature more  
Import Elevation Data more
Constraints (Direct Parameter Calculations) more
Extended Period Simulations (e.g., 24 hour) more
Steady State
Sprinkler Systems more
Automatic Demand Distribution more
Animated Maps Over Time more
Animated Pipe Profiling more
Meters more
Operational Control Screen more
Pipe Schedules
Time Travel – Distance & Path/Time more
Change Pattern more
Snap Hydrants, Valves, & Meters more
Interpolate Elevations more
Crisscross Pipes more
Background Files and Images more
Custom Pipe, Device, & Element Libraries more
Automatic Internet Map & Elevation Retrieval more
All Elements & Devices more
ESFR Remote Sprinkler Area Analysis more
Advanced Pump Station Modeling (Series, Parallel & VFD)
Intrusion Calculator (KYnetic Interface Only) more
Pressure Switching for Extended Period Simulation
Locate Pressure Zones more
Multiple Demand Types & Patterns more
Pump & System Curves
Pipe Break
Required Capacity for Sprinklers
Sprinkler Summary & Supply Plot
Fittings Loss Coefficients
Comprehensive Editing & Layout Tools
Printing PDFs, JPG, BMP Files more
Contouring & Emphasis more
Multiple Languages (Hints & Menus)
EPANET Format Export
Import Internet Maps & Elevations more
Presentation Generator (KYnetic Interface Only) more
*Uses Genetic Algorithm Optimization