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KYPipe offers free technical support for all modules. Please see the technical support guidelines below. We will assist with proper software operation and model creation. However, the user is responsible for answering design and regulatory questions.

  • Lisa Akerly
    (469) 250-1362
    [email protected]
    U.S. Sales, Billing, and General Inquiries

Technical Support Guidelines

  • Always make sure you have updated to the most current version first! Updating to the current version (e.g., 10.0XX) is always free, regardless of which release (e.g., Pipe2018, Pipe2020, Pipe2022, etc.) you’re licensed for, and may solve the problem.
  • Please contact only one tech support team member at a time.
  • For questions regarding an existing model, email a copy of the .p2k model file with a description of the problem or question.
  • If you feel you must contact more than one team member regarding the same problem, please notify the other team members when you have received a response. This saves team members’ valuable time and will allow them to more quickly and efficiently answer other tech support questions.

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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