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Pioneering Developers of Pipe Network Analysis Technology


KYPipe has been developing pipe network analysis software for over 40 years. The sophisticated analysis algorithms used to analyze Steady State, Surge, Gas and Steam systems have been perfected by our leading experts in this field. One common user interface (Pipe2006 / Pipe2008 / Pipe2010 / Pipe2012 / Pipe2014) links all these calculation models. Our Pipe2000 suite of hydraulic analysis software, water hammer or transient analysis software, and compressible gas analysis software is an international industry standard. Pipe2000 also includes unique capabilities to model facility's piping systems.  Civil Engineering professors Dr. Don J. Wood and Dr. Srini Lingireddy developed the Pipe2014 generation using input from users like you. We make every effort to incorporate user suggestions and requests. We welcome your continued input into the software development process. 

Technical support for our software is free. Drs. Wood and Lingireddy are also part of a team of experts who make up the Pipe2000 Technical Support team. Unlike many of our competitors, technical support for our users is provided at no additional cost. You may contact any one of a number of software developers and engineers with your questions about using the Pipe2000 suite of models. 

For your convenience, in addition to our U.S. based offices, we have representatives and distributors worldwide in India, ChinaKorea, Middle-East, Egypt, South America, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Europe.  Download a fully-functional demo program.


Classic and KYnetic User Interfaces

As of version Pipe2012, users have the option of two user interfaces. The original Classic Interface uses drop-down menus and tabs to provide navigation to the many features while the new KYnetic Interface uses icons for this purpose. Using icons provides users with an interface more like AutoCAD and ArcGIS and can provide quicker access (fewer clicks) to various features. In addition the KYnetic Interface offers many additional features for navigating and displaying data and results.

New Presentation Generator with Pipe2014

Create detailed PowerPoint, WORD & HTML reports within the KYnetic interface. Add maps, images, videos, tables and graphs for dynamic presentations. *Presentation Generator feature is only compatible with MS Office 2007 and later.

Pipe2014: KYGIS

Mapping & Record Keeping for Small Water Utilities

Create a great map that can be quickly updated and maintain all types of records for your water utility.

Journal of Applied Fluid Transients (JAFT)

A new online journal for Hydraulic Engineers, Journal of Applied Fluid Transients.

The mission is to provide a platform for rapid dissemination of ideas and research findings associated with the application of modeling tools for solving complex and real-world pipeline transient problems.

Dr. Lingireddy to Lecture at the World Environmental & Water Resourses Congress



"Water Without Borders"

Lecture: Effective Surge Protection – Going Beyond Modeling Tools

Dr. Don J. Wood Receives Civil Engineering Career Achievement Award

Dr. Don J. Wood was awarded the Civil Engineering Career Achievement Award from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. This award is one of the highest honors the university bestows on its faculty.

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