Pipe2020: Gas (Gas Analysis)

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Pipe2018: Gas

Pipe2020: Gas analyzes steady, one-dimensional, isothermal flow for ideal and  non-ideal variable density gases.

The module includes the ability to account for ideal natural gas distribution and landfill gas collection.  It is also useful for determining the effects of demand or load changes.

Pipe2020: Gas can accommodate large networks, looped systems, and multiple supply and load points.  Several scenarios may be set up in a single model, such as load changes and open/closed valves.


Darcy Weisbach equations and the Ideal Gas law are used to describe pressure-temperature density relationships.  Non-Ideal Gas and Constant Density Gas analyses are also available.  Mass-flow calculation is used to determine velocity.

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Output Examples of Supported Elements
Steady State Pressure (One-Dimensional, Isothermal) Compressors/Fans
Steady State Flow Regulators
Pressure Drop Loss Elements
Mean Flow Velocity Fixed Pressure Supply
Area of Constriction for Pipes Variable Pressure Supply
Maximum Mach Number (Choking Flows) Valves
Min and Max Pressure, Loss, and Velocity Tables Check Valves
Friction Factor Meters
Area Ratio Density Metered Connection

Gas Thermal Mapping


 Examples of Available Features

Map Label, Notes, Legend and Logo
Copy/Paste/Drag and Drop Pipes
Import/Export Excel, AutoCAD, and GIS Systems
Many Types of Meters
Optimized Calibration
Pipe Emphasis
Pipe Profiling – Animated
Graphs, Tables, Reports
Report Customizing
Background Maps Contouring
Print Features for Reports, Graphs, Tables Demand/Change Patterns