Pipe2018: Surge Overview

Pipe2018: Surge is state-of-the-art transient analysis software. Surge provides an advanced graphical interface and allows an easy transition between steady-state and transient flow modeling. More than 40 years of extensive development brings an integrated surge analysis program that includes numerous advanced features and produces astonishingly fast analysis. Surge has been extensively tested and verified. It has been widely used by various industries, including applications at nuclear facilities. Several thousand software packages have been supplied to engineers worldwide.

Transient (surge) protection and analysis is crucial to the success of a hydraulic distribution system. Surge analysis should be included in the design phase to ensure the safety and the long- and short-term reliability of the system.

Download the demo and experience first-hand this powerful transient analysis software. The Surge demo includes: 10 pipes, 1 Pump, 1 SDO, 1 active valve and 1000 feet (300m) total pipe length with a 6-inch (150mm) pipe diameter.

  • Example
  • This feature shows animations of tanks and reservoir levels, pump speeds and water flow rate or velocity, allowing the user to view and analyze the model’s transient activity. The user specifies the first and last nodes and the animation is created automatically.   More….
    NFPA Hydrant Rating

    Wave Calculation Engine

    Developed by KYPipe, the extremely efficient and accurate WCM (Wave Characteristic Method or, alternately, Wave Plan Method), has the capability to analyze transients in large hydraulic distribution systems and permits Surge to calculate transients with extreme speed. More…

    Piping data import

    Import Data from CAD, GIS and Google Earth

    Import and export piping data (lines and polylines) from AutoCAD to create a pipe system. Import and export system data to and from GIS shapefiles and Google Earth. More…

    Piping data import

    Internet Maps

    Internet Maps – Import maps and retrieve system elevations from the internet for model backgrounds and a complete contour reference. More…

    Piping data import

    Many Supported Background Types

    Backgrounds – Display image files in the background including DWG, DXF, PDF, BMP, TIF, JPG, and Internet Maps. More…

    Surge devices

    Device Libraries

    Device Libraries – Users can create customized libraries which contain data for devices such as pumps, valves, air vacuum valves, surge tanks, and backflow preventers. A library can be created for almost any device. Several libraries are included in the software. More…

    Piping data import

    Loss Coefficients by Fitting Type

    Fittings – Enter the number of each type of fitting from the extensive drop-down list and the loss coefficients (Ks) will be automatically summed for any pipe section.

    Pipe Schedules

    Custom List of Pipe Types

    Select the Pipe Type from one of many Pipe Schedules and the pipe data fields are automatically populated. This is a great time-saving feature. Users can create their own Pipe Schedules or select from hundreds available. More…

  • Rural Analysis

    Transient Analysis of EPANET Files

    EPA-Surge is a wizard included in Surge. The wizard utilizes a working EPANET file to define a piping system and sets the initial conditions for initiating a transient analysis without requiring the user to re-enter data. The transient event can be the action of a valve, a pump or both. More…

    OCS Screen

    Surge Operational Control Settings

    The Operational Control Settings screen is a feature used for presentations and operational and design studies. The OCS screen displays the operating conditions for pumps, tanks, valves, regulators and demands. It also allows the user to change the conditions and launch a transient analysis from within the OCS screen. This feature also provides a platform for applying SCADA data. More…

    Time Simulations

    Pump Curves and System Curves

    Pump curve plotting assists in pump design. Supports variable speed pumps. Models abnormal pump operation during a pump trip. Parallel and series pumps (i.e., pump stations) may be modeled using a single pump element.


    Standard Valves

    Accurately model valve actions with a number of standard valves whose characteristics are provided with the software. More…

    Surge devices

    Surge-Only Devices

    Surge includes a number of unique devices such as dynamic air valves, electronically actuated surge anticipation valves, vacuum breakers, variable pressure supplies, siphon breakers and many more. More…

    Case C Option

    Surge System Curve

    Create system head curves within Surge. Formerly a KYPipe-only feature.

    Pump Inertia and File Number

    Calculate inertia and Suter Curve File Number

    Calculate inertia based on the pump efficiency, speed ratio, rated speed, rated head, and rated flow. Automatically determine a best-fit Suter Curve File Number.

    Presentation Generator

    Automatic Presentation Builder

    The Presentation Generator creates detailed PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and HTML reports within the KYnetic interface. Add maps, images, videos, tables and graphs for dynamic presentations. More…

    Locate Pressure Zones

    Pressure Zone Locater

    Locate Pressure Zones – Find and emphasize pressure zones in a system. More…


    Printing Features

    Printing, Images, and PDFs – Export maps, graphs, tables and reports directly to a PDF, JPG or BMP file without loss of quality. More…

    elevation contours

    Contours and Color-Coding

    Contours and Emphasis – Generate, display and print contour maps for a variety of node data and results (e.g., elevation, pressure). More…

    Animated Maps over Time

    Animated Map Labels and Contours

    Animated Maps – Apply timed color emphasis to pressure contours and demand nodes to create stunning animated presentations. More…

  • Example
  • Example
  • CV Dynamics

    Improved Surge Check Valve Tool

    The Check Valve Dynamics Tool uses a model’s analysis data to verify check valve closure time. More…

    Limit Number of Pipes

    Click for Validation Information

    Surge has been applied extensively, undergone numerous QA procedures, including use at nuclear facilities, and has been exhaustively tested. More…

    Pipe Break

    Transient Analysis of Pipe Breaks

    Create a pipe break scenario, then automatically run a Surge analysis of the pipe break. There is no need to set up and simulate the pipe break via the change table.

    KYPipe Validation

    Air Valve Placement

    The Air Valve Placement Tool will automatically insert air valves based on user-specified slope changes and/or distance intervals. More…

    Unbalanced Pipe Forces

    Calculate Transient Forces on Pipes

    The Force Calculations Tool calculates unbalanced forces for straight pipe segments. This allows the user to create a file of dynamic forces which can be used as input into various third-party pipe stress programs to compute pipe stresses and forces at joints.

    Load, Save and Compare

    Comparing Different Model Runs

    Similar to saved views, this feature allows users to load, save and compare results within a modeling file – no need to create new files to see the effect of changes.