Demand Types and Demand Patterns

For Extended Period Simulations, demand factors (which are multipliers) can be entered into this table to vary the demand over time. For Steady State simulations, demand factors will vary the demand for individual cases instead.

The rows of demand factors assigned to different demand types, such as Residential, Type 1, Type 2, etc., are referred to as demand patterns. Demand patterns may be saved for use in other models. A default diurnal demand pattern created by the American Water Works Association can be loaded from this screen. One or more demand types can be assigned to individual nodes.

An overall Global Demand Factor may be defined. This factor affects all cases or times in the simulation.

This table allows pumping costs to be calculated when the power rate varies with the time of day: the user can enter the rate changes as multipliers in the first row of this table.

Demand Patterns