Pipe2014 New Feature Overview

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Pipe2014 Key New Features

Presentation Generator Import Google Maps & Elevation Data Surge Pipe Break Analysis Coordinate System
Pipe2014 New Report Formats Import Google Maps & Google Elevations Pipe2014 Surge Pipe Break Specific Coordinate Systems
Create detailed PowerPoint, WORD & HTML reports within the KYnetic interface. Add maps, images, videos, tables and graphs for dynamic presentations. more…. Retrieve Google Maps & Google Elevations data. Create a pipe break scenario, then automatically run a Surge analysis of the pipe break. No need to set up and simulate the pipe break via the change table. Select coordinate systems, UTM & State Plane, for internet maps. Seamless for models built with coordinate systems in GIS or CAD, then imported. more….
PDF Backgrounds SCADA Menu URL Association Polygon-Based Automatic Demand Distribution
PDF Backgrounds SCADA for Nodes URL Association to Nodes Polygon-Based Automatic Demand Distribution
Use PDFs for backgrounds maps. Access SCADA system information for each node. Schedule periodic updates to model conditions from text-format SCADA file. Quickly add URL links to nodes. Automatically distributes a total demand to junctions nodes. The more densely clustered an area of piping is, the less demand per pipe is assigned. More isolated pipes receive more demand.
Improved Material Cost Feature Increased Fittings Node Driving Directions New Tanks Options
Associate cost to each device, fitting & model node Now More Fittings Driving Directions to Nodes New Tank Options
Input the total cost for each fitting and device and for model nodes such as pumps, tanks, active valves, etc. Enable more than 75 fittings. Get driving directions to node locations in a model. Standard storage tanks in KYPipe may now optionally be defined as overflowing, non-draining, or one-way.