Optimal Design Module

KYPipe’s Optimal Design Module calculates the optimal pipe diameters for a specified section of a system to minimize the total pipe cost.  This can be used in conjunction with the Age-Based Roughness feature to account for projected future conditions.  When the calculations are complete the new diameters can be applied to the system for subsequent analysis. In addition, the original values can be restored as needed.

The KYPipe development team has published many papers on the optimal design of water distribution systems over the last two decades. However, until recently, much of the research and resulting scientific advancement had not yet been translated into a technology for optimizing system design. Thus very few utilities could make use of these scientific advances even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today KYPipe’s unique Direct Parameter Calculation feature uses a genetic algorithm-based optimal calibration module that meets most of the needs of the utility industry.

In addition, more recent advanced modeling concepts have extended the usefulness of optimal design technology. Chief among these concepts is KYPipe’s pioneering use of hydrant flow data to represent the pressure supply of a larger system when designing system extensions, such as new subdivisions. The optimal design module allows the user to size the diameters of individual pipes or several groups of pipes to minimize the overall cost of the project while satisfying pressure, flow and velocity constraints. The GUI features simple and convenient ways to enter the data required by the Optimal Design Module such as the unit cost of pipes or pipe groups, as well as velocity and pressure constraints. The module then generates tabulated text results summarizing the input data and optimal design diameters as well as the project costs. It also allows auto-updating of design diameters. The module can be used not only for extensions and modifications to existing pipe distribution networks but also for designing new distribution systems, whether branched or looped and for the complete redesign of existing distribution systems.

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