Pathogen Intrusion

Cavitation, Pathogen Intrusion, and Surge Modeling
Pathogen Intrusions EPA regulations for pathogen intrusion protection are in the pipeline for implementation. The question is not “if” but “when” these new rules will pass. Even without a regulatory incentive, protecting potable water systems from cavitation is an essential design and maintenance goal. When cavitation, or vapor pressure, occurs in a pipe, liquids from the outside can be sucked into the line. When this happens in a potable water system, water quality can be impacted, creating a health risk. No utility operator wants to deal with boil water alerts and the negative publicity such events can cause. With a Surge model, the potential for vaporization pressures during a variety of events (valve closure, power failure, line breakage) may be identified. A variety of protection schemes, devices or operational procedures can then be evaluated.  For more information read the EPA’s Whitepaper on this topic, The Potential for Health Risks from Intrusion of Contaminants into the Distribution System from Pressure Transients.