Supplementary Material 7.7

Chapter 7 – Assumptions and Uncertainties


Surge Analysis and the Wave Plan Method

Supplementary Material: Example Problems and Solutions

Chapter 7 – Problem 7.7

7.7 If you were asked to perform a surge analysis study for the pipe network model described in the previous example:

a. Which roughness equation you would choose?

b. Explain why you would choose one roughness equation over the other.

c. Appendix C discusses what is called “unsteady friction”. How do you differentiate the steady friction from unsteady friction in a real-life water distribution network model knowing how tedious it was to perform a roughness calibration study?

d. If the surge analysis study is aimed at designing a surge protection system that prevents extreme low and high surge pressures associated with pump trip events, what kind of demand factors would you assign?

e. Would you model the demands at junction nodes as fixed demands or as pressure-sensitive demands?

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