Transient Analysis Book – Supplementary Material

The Supplementary Material is a set of classroom-style problems (with a few example solutions) that explore the concepts in the book, Surge Analysis and the Wave Plan Method.  You may view the Intro to the book and the first chapter on Google Play (with chapter 1) or PDF (Introduction and Index).

The complete Supplementary Material is available for download as a PDF:

Supplementary Material: Example Problems and Solutions

These problems vary in difficulty, and so are appropriate at both the undergraduate and graduate level, depending on the individual question. In the future we hope to provide a forum for user-driven solutions to the problems, comments, suggestions and further development of new or existing problems. For now, please direct your comments and questions to [email protected].

We also have a videos page, with how-two videos and webinars presented by doctors Wood and Lingireddy. These videos cover dozens of aspects of modeling including steady-state, extended period simulations and transient analysis. Analysis engines addressed include KYPipe (for incompressible liquids), Gas, Steam and SWMM, the Stormwater Management Model. Webinars are specific to individual modeling topics, such as check valves and the causes of transients.

All of the individual problems from the book are also available here: