Supplementary Material, Appendix F – F.2

APPENDIX F – Air Valves and Common Misconceptions


Surge Analysis and the Wave Plan Method

Supplementary Material: Example Problems and Solutions

Appendix F – Problem 2

F.2 You read somewhere that air valves on pipeline systems, either gravity or pumping, are used only for pipe filling operation. What would you do following the initial pipe filling operation, after ensuring that the pipeline is commissioned smoothly? Choose all that apply.

i. Isolate all the air valves by closing the butterfly valves connecting the air valves to the mainlines.
ii. Remove the air valves completely from the pipeline system as you cannot trust that the isolation valves would not be tampered with or fail due to aging.
iii. Leave the air valves connected (ensure that the isolation valves are fully open and take steps to ensure they are not tampered with) and perform the required periodic maintenance.
iv. Ignore the air valves as they are not needed anymore and do not interfere with the pipeline operation.

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