Supplementary Material, Appendix G – G.17

APPENDIX G – Pumps and Turbines


Surge Analysis and the Wave Plan Method

Supplementary Material: Example Problems and Solutions

Appendix G – Problem 17

G.17 An object was assembled by gluing a short (300 mm length) hollow thick-walled cylinder made of lightweight material of density (100 kg/m3)  to a solid circular steel plate. The outer diameter of the cylinder is 1000 mm and the inner diameter 900 mm. The diameter of the solid steel plate is 1200 mm with a thickness of 30 mm. Compute the weight moment of inertia WR2 of the object with respect to z-axis.


Weight moment of inertia WR2 of flywheel is the sum of polar weight moment of inertias of the cylinder and the plate.

Izw = Izw(cylinder) + Izw(plate)

            Izw = Wcylinder * (1/2) (r22 + r12)  + Wplate * (1/2) (r2

            Wcylinder = 43.917 N,

Wplate = 2596.195 N, r­1 = 0.5m, r­2 = 0.45m, r­ = 0.6m

Izw = 477.251 N-m2

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