KYPipe – EPANET Comparison


KYPipe vs. EPANET Software Comparison

World Class Technical Support Yes (Free!) No
Analysis Algorithm Simultaneous Loop/Node Method Simultaneous Node Method
Fire Flow Analysis, NFPA Hydrant Rating Yes No
Meters Yes No
Branch Diameter Analysis Yes No
Import/Export AutoCAD and GIS Files Yes No
Import Internet Maps & Elevations Yes No
Operational Control Screen Yes No
Locate Pressure Zones Yes No
Expanded Rural Analysis (IPD) (long branch connections with few connections) Yes No
Direct Parameter Calculation Yes No
Automatic Demand Distribution Yes No
Flushing Analysis Yes No
Sprinkler Analysis (Fire Protection)
Industry Summary/Supply Plot
Sprinkler System Automatic Generation Yes No
Model Calibration Yes No
Multiple Pumps (series, parallel), Constant Head & Flow Pumps Yes No
Animated Pipe Profiling Yes No
Elevation Retrieval Yes No
Optimal Pump Scheduling Yes No
Import & Export Shape Files Yes No
Pressure Dependent Demand Yes No
Feedpipes (feeding tanks) Yes No
Animated Maps Over Time Yes No
Presentation Generator Yes No
CAD, GIS & Graphical Image Background Maps Yes No
Additional Modules Yes
Surge, Steam, Gas, SWMM, Fire Sprinkler
Devices Yes
Same as EPANET Plus Active (Actual Ratio) Valves (Ball, Butterfly, Globe, Gate, Needle, Custom), Hydrants, Hydrant Monitor, Metered Connections, Pressure Supply, Low Pressure Sewer Connections, Hydropnuematic Tanks, Back Flow Preventers, Vacuum Breakers, Multiple Pumps, Variable Speed Pumps
Pipes, Nodes (Pipe Junctions), Pumps, Valves (Including Shutoff, Check, Pressure Regulating, and Flow Control), Storage Tanks or Reservoirs, Sprinklers
Internet Background Maps Yes No
Certified Training Courses Yes No
Video Tutorials – online and on CD Yes (Free!) No
Excel Import/Export Yes No
SCADA Connection Yes No
Pipe Schedules Yes No
Calculate Darcy Weisbach/Hazen-Williams/Chezy-Mannings Methods Yes Yes
Minor Head Loss for Bends & Fittings Yes
Includes Lookup Table to Select Fittings 
Variable Speed Pumps Yes Yes (limited)
Compute Piping and Energy Cost (Optimal Design Module) Yes Yes
Model various types of valves, including shutoff, check, pressure regulating, and flow control. Yes Yes
Allow storage tanks to have any shape (e.g., surface area can vary with height) Yes Yes
Consider multiple demand types at nodes, each with its own pattern of time variation. Yes Yes
Model pressure-dependent flow issuing from emitters (sprinkler heads) Yes Yes
Control elements (e.g. pumps) based on conditions (e.g. tank level) in the system Yes Yes
Water quality, chemical, trace, water age and all facets of decay, storage, mixing, reaction, concenctration, mass inputs over time Yes

Uses EPANET for Water Quality Calculations

Results Graphs Yes Yes
Pipeline Profile Plots Yes Yes
Contour and Emphasize System Map Yes Yes (limited)
Extended Period Analysis Yes Yes
Import / Export EPANET File Yes Yes