Group Edit Node Changes

Automates the creation of node changes for a selected group of nodes. Formerly, node changes were made individually for each node; creating the same change for different nodes involved retyping the change. Now users have the option to select a number of nodes and make a common change all at once. The selected group can contain nodes of a single type, or of different types. For instance, all pumps in the model can have their speed ratio increased from 1.0 to 1.2; alternately, all devices can be turned on, or off.

In this example, both of the active valves in the network are selected.

Node Changes Menu Image

 1. Group Node Changes Menu: Select a Node Type/Select Some or All Nodes of that Type

Next, apply the desired change. In this example, both active valves are closed at time = 12 seconds:

Node Changes Menu Image

 2. Create a Change for the Selected Group: Close Active Valves at time = 12 seconds

Node Changes Menu Image

 3. Node Changes Shown in the Map Area

This example from a Surge file shows a pump trip for all pumps in the model, beginning at time = 5 seconds, followed by a 5-second restart occurring at time = 50 seconds.

Node Changes for a Pump Trip Image

4. Node Changes for a Pump Trip and Restart (All Pumps)

This set of pump changes includes a 10-second “settling” period, beginning at time = 40 seconds: since pumps spin down under their own momentum, are affected by the hydraulic forces within the system and may have periods of reverse rotation, the speed of a given pump may not equal zero at any given time after a pump trip. This time period allows the pump to gradually wind down to zero speed (or cease reverse rotation and achieve zero speed) before it is restarted.

Node Changes for a Pump Trip - Speed Graph Image

5. Pump Speed Graph Showing Node Changes (Trip, Restart)