Pipe2018: KYPipe Release Comparison


See What You’ve Been Missing
FEATURES Pipe2008 Pipe2010 Pipe2012 Pipe2014 Pipe2016 Pipe2018
Pump Cycles more          
Pressure Sensitive Demands          
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams more          
Profile View          
Isolation Zone Emphasis and Isolation Zone Reports          
Calculate Pump Inertia and File Number Automatically          
Convert Coordinates          
Load, Save, and Compare Results Files          
Map View Features and Controls          
Variable Pipe Thickness Emphasis          
Snap Hydrants, Valves, and Meters; Connects Floating Nodes to the Nearest Pipe more        
Google Earth Import / Export more        
Travel Distance (KYnetic Only) more        
New DXG/DWG Display Option, Supports More Recent File Formats        
Emphasize Pipes as Nodes more        
Generate Change Pattern (KYnetic Only) more        
Connect Crisscross Pipes (KYnetic Only) more        
Use Classic Main Menu in KYnetic        
Interpolate Elevations more        
Quick Profile on Longest Path, Alternative to Standard Quick Profile        
Google Map of Current Area        
Presentation Generator, Detailed PowerPoint, Word & HTML Reports more      
Google Maps & Google Elevation Data      
Specific Coordinate Systems (UTM, State Plane) for Internet Maps      
PDF Backgrounds      
Driving Directions for Nodes      
URL Association      
Polygon-Based Automatic Demand Distribution      
Overflowing, One-Way, & Non-Draining Tank Options      
SCADA Menu      
Redesigned Graphical User Interface (KYnetic) more    
Optimal Water Quality Sensor Placement Tool more    
Intrusion Calculator more    
Hints & Some Menus in Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese    
Crossover Pipe Layout    
Group Edit, Group Select, & Map Labels for ALL Node & Pipe Parameters    
Automatic Elevation Retrieval from Internet more    
Internet Background Maps more    
Characteristics of Check Valves Within Active Valves    
Holding Tank Device more    
Enhanced Fitting Tables    
Comprehensive Contours  more    
Advanced Scale Pipes to Background    
Polygon Area Select    
Improved Angled Pipe Labels    
Quick Profile Creation  
Increased Map Area    
Improved System Copy & Paste    
File/Table Pumps    
Optimal Design, Optimal Diameter for Each Pipe    
Optimal Pump Scheduling Tool more  
Optimal Design more  
Automatic Demand Distribution more  
PDF & JPG Output, for Graphs, Tables, Maps, Reports, Profiles for Paperless Reports more  
Animated Pipe Profiles (Animations can be Saved in an AVI Format) more  
Expanded Rural Looped Analysis more  
Constant Pressure Pump more  
Constant Flow Pump more  
Pressure Reservoirs more  
Depth Reservoir more  
Hydrant Monitor, Analyze up to Three Valves Open more  
Rotate Text Labels at Any Angle  
Cursor Notation  
Demand Patterns For All Tank Flows
Copy/Paste Pump & Tank IDs
Low Pressure Sewer Tanks (LPS) with Pressure Switches & Inflow Demand Patterns more
Export EPANET Format
Compare Two Analyses on Graphs & Tables
Improved DXF Background Displays
Merge Pipe Schedules
Pushpin Map Notes
Units Help Hover Button
Hydropnuematic Tank more
Calibration Wizard more
Hints in Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Copy Map to Clipboard
Demand & Demand Type Labels
Create AVI Movies for Static Profiles
Automatic Enhanced Fire Flow Calculations
Locate Pressure Zones more
GoFlow Featuress (Supply Plot, Required Capacity, Locate Remote Area)
ESFR Remote Sprinkler Area Analysis
Find & Remove Pump Parallel Pipes
Animate Map Over Time more
Calculate Branch Diameters more
Capture Map Screen to Bitmap File
System Inventory & Volume Calculation for Inventory & Cost Analysis
North Arrow
Optimal Pump Selection Tool
Emphasize Pump Status (On/Off)
Customized Map Logos
Save & Name Map Views
Automatically Layout Intermediate Nodes
Multiple Demand Types at Nodes
Skeletonization more
Flushing Planner & Analysis more
Operational Control Screen more
Temperature-Dependent Analysis more
Water Quality Calibration more
Meters more
Water Quality Analysis more
Data Exchange GIS/DXF more
Hydrant Flow Calculations more
Vacuum Breaker Device more
Extended Period Simulation more
Pipe Break Tool
Custom Pipe & Element Devices
Fitting Loss Coefficients
Hydrant Color Coding
Sprinkler Systems more
Add/Remove Check Valves In Group Edit
Pipe Schedules more
Pump & System Curves
Hydrant Blowoff Calculations
Direct Parameter Calculations more